About Chris
Chris is a noted keynote speaker and expert when it comes to customer journeys and the elements you can automate within in that. Not just the technical expertise, but the behavioural understanding that allows the system to be build with your customer’s most likely outcome in mind.

Knowing what your customers are likely to do is one of the hardest bits, and Chris has made focusing on that the main priority for the last few years, both from the stage and with his clients.

Starting in events marketing in 2009, Chris is coming up on 15 years in the marketing world, always with an aim to get customers buying from businesses again and again.

In 2020, he saw that whilst everyone spends time, effort and money on generating leads, they very often forget the important bit, and that is where they buy. Leads don’t pay the bills, sales do.

Through keynotes, consultation and working directly with select clients, Chris is on a mission to help businesses understand what turns their customers from “oooh, this looks interesting” to “here, take my money”.

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