The Marketing Autopilots

Converting Leads Using WhatsApp & Email Automation

Tired of your leads not becoming sales?
Tired of website visitors not purchasing?
We understand.

Most marketing companies focus on the front-end marketing; your website, your social media, your ads. Those things ARE important, but if you are doing all the hard work to generate the leads, surely some effort should be put towards converting them.

82% of enquires expect a response within the first 10 mins, and you are 391% more likely to close them if you get back to them within the first minute. Did you know you can automate WhatsApp messages?

It would be great if you called them the second they enquired. But you run a business. You sleep. You need some personal time. This is where automation comes in…

Understanding their journey from initial intrigue to invoice paid is the key to turning enquiry anxiety into sales!

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Enquiry Anxiety

Ever entered your details on a form, and not been sure the business received your enquiry? It’s a bit like waiting for a train – you’d rather wait 5 mins for a train than waiting 10 mins right? But that isn’t always true…

Would you rather wait 5 mins for a train on a platform where the arrivals board isn’t working, so you don’t know when it is coming; is it on time? Has it been cancelled? Are they on strike? Or would you rather wait 10 mins when you can see it is arriving?

The quality of your time is more important than the quantity, and that is the same for your leads.

The Marketing Autopilots Enquiry Anxiety